E-Commerce 101: Should you sell online?

In recent years, many have hopped onto the e-commerce bandwagon by selling products or services online. Probably the biggest reason of this trend is cheaper investment costs in relative to the physical storefronts. Cheaper doesn’t mean easy, it takes equally the same if not more passion and commitment in order to succeed in selling online.

For a start, let’s see whether you have the right potential or background to do it.

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Should you sell online?

Entrepreneur Spirit

  • Starting your own business is always in your mind all these years.
  • You are not happy with your current job and want to become your own boss (just don’t quit your job yet).
  • You are happy with your current job and looking for extra income.
  • You are a stay-at-home parent and want to supplement income.
  • You think that Internet is full of money-making potential.
  • You want to make a living by doing something you love.

Retailing Background

  • You think you are a pretty good salesman even since your school days.
  • You know of something unique or niche, be it product or service.
  • You are already selling something (offline) all these years.
  • You or some one you know is running a small handcraft business, or something like that.
  • You know how to source product which has the potential to sell online.

Web Savvy

  • You are always connected to the Internet.
  • You do use Facebook and “become a fan” of some one occasionally.
  • You know how to differentiate between Amazon and eBay, don’t you?
  • You do shop online, and enjoy the experience.

Ask yourself questions like the above. If your answer is yes to some of them, selling online could be the right step forward. Don’t worry too much if you are lacking in a certain area (for example, perhaps you are not that web savvy), provided you are strong in at least one!

All it takes are passion and commitment!

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